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    C&C- Bleach - "The Frightening Banquet, Szayel Aporro Theater" [2/12]

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    I figured since back in season seven when me and Megaman split talkback duties (back when Bleach had double premieres) we could do the same here. Thus here's the full first offical non flashback centered episode of the new canon season... sort of.

    Opening 9 Veloncia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3TK6Sor2-8

    Ending 17 Hitohira no Hanabira: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ppdbGUvTDA

    Last time: Everyone was glad to forget about that filler arc involving Captain... whoit's face trying to destroy Yamamoto in some ridicolous poorly concieved revenge scheme. And something about some little blond haired princess girl we pray never to see again. No we got to deal with actually new canon events... halfway into the episode. First we had to go over things that Kirk Thorthon would always tell us about in season seven: Aizen's evil plan, Orihime being kidnapped, Ichigo and friends vying to rescue her, and fighting evil Espadas. We specifically recap Ichigo getting pwned by Ulqouirra, being saved by Grimmjow with help from Orihime and then Grimmjow and Ichigo's battle ending with Ichigo stabbing Mr. Kitty Kat man right through the stomach.

    After that canon stuff we last saw in 2009 we cut to new material: Grimmjow still being around but taken out by Esspoony Onne himself, Nnorotria. And since he's stronger then Grimmjow and Ichigo's spent most of his energy on his last battle there's no way our hero can defeat this dastardly foe, unless it was poorly written. Also Renji and Uryu wind up meeting their old "friend" again AskThatHollowWithTheBoneGlasses, sporting a new cape and ready to begin the second "act" of this fight.

    TODAY: Apparently we're up to the second act of this fight as Aporro reveals some new tricks to his opponents. Do Uryu and Renji stand even a remote chance of winning? Or will the incredibley unpopular nerdspada crush the two into bugs? Find out tonight.

    And due to popular demand..THE ESPADA ROLL CALL! (The picture was not done by me but I did do most of the descrpitons cause... I'm really geeky like that I guess).


    So from left to right we have
    Ulquiorra Schiffer (Rank: 4th) - Is fairly cold and indifferent to most and one of Aizen's most loyal Espada responsible for kidnapping Orihimie and psychogically trying to break her. Which apparently isn't working too well but he did take out Ichigo. In turn Grimmjow helped revive Ichigo and sent this guy to some parallel dimension where he can annoy others with his emo indifference.

    Starrk (Former Nickname: Lazy Bones. Rank: Unknown) - An Espada who likes his sleep. So much so he sleeps through hearing fellow Espada dying. Has an annoying female follower named Lilyenette who appearntly likes beating him up whenever he sleeps which I suspect are quite often.

    Nnoitra (Formerly known as Spoonhead, who I now call Espoony Onne Rank: 5th) - Is tall and has a creepy smile made even more creepy by the fact he sounds like Dean Venture hitting puberty. Nnoitra has a Fraccion (an Arrancar chosen by an Espada to follow them) named Tesla and does not like fighting weak opponents wanting to be acknowledged as the strongest even if he already thinks he is. Despite the fact the guy's only ranked 5th. Yeah the guy needs to check that number tattooed on his tounge. Anyway now he's fighting a weakened Ichigo with his incredibley awesome looking sword sycthe thing. Will Ichigo win? Well he should put up a better fight then Chad, the last guy Nnortira ridicolously pwned.

    Halibel (Former Nickname: Mrs. Underboob/Censorboob. Rank: Unknown) - The only female Espada who got her nickname due to her arrancar uniform, which as you can see was censored when it hit the anime. Has three female Fraccion followers (Mila Rose, Sun Sun and Apache) and is watching Ichigo and Grimmjow's battle and comments how it's like an Espada battle more then anything. And that's all we know about her.

    Aaroniero Arruruerie (DECEASED) (Rank: 9th. Former Nickname: Mr. Bubbles. Arrancar Zanpakto: Glotoneria). Now it can be revealed: Aaronierio is the only Gillian member of the Espada. A two head weirdo who can actually absorb a hollow's abilities and powers when it dies. He actually ate the hollow who ate Kaien which explains why he can take his form. He's also the first Espada to show off his resurrecion which is some sort of giant.. purple tentacle monster with two jaws on either side of his body. He has the power of thousands of hollows and the potential to use all of their powers in his resurrecion form. Ruika killed him by stabbing him in the head. However he played his death to the other Espada and seemingly killed Ruika when she killed him.

    Yammy (Rank: 10th) -The first Espada we've met and from what we've seen essistanly dumb and fairly easy to beat. If you're not Orihime or Chad that is.

    Old Guy (Nickname Due To Not Being Named Yet. Rank: Unknown) Nothing really know about him besides the fact he's... old. And complains when people die stupidly.

    Syazel Aporro Granz(Rank: 8th Former Nickname: NERDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD and The Prissy one) - The younger brother of Illford Granz (15th Arrancar and one of Grimmjow's Fraccions killed by Renji 40 episodes ago) Syzael is apparently the scientist of Hueco Mundo and enjoys collecting new expierments to work on, even those of his fallen team-mates and family members. A fairly sick and twisted indivudal but his fact finding made him able to counter all of Renji and Uryu's attack with only his shirt sustaining any true damage. The group has elected to run away from this weirdo, but he found them again in a snazzy new cape and has some new tricks to show them. He also apparently appreciates theatrical drama, as evidence in the above title.

    Affirmative Action Arrancar (Nickname Due To Not Being Named Yet. Rank: Unknown) - He's Affirmative action because he's the only true black arrancar/Espada in the anime. Yammy's more mexcian, Underboob's a mulatto and Tosen isn't an arrancar. Shown mediating after Aarenerio's death).

    Grimmjow Jagerjaquez - Rank: 6th. (Zanpakuto: Pantera) Ichigo's Espada rival who reclaimed his spot after offing Luppi His rage and rebelling attiduing also makes him one of the more popular Espada. Especially when he smacked around the two ****** who were harassling Orihime, brought the orange haired "princess" to Ichigo so she could heal him, sent Ulqouirra somewhere and fought Ichigo for one last fight and was defeated. Grimmjow released Zanpakto is named Pantera which turns him into some sort of blue kitty kat man who Ichigo defeated, but then saved from being killed by Nnortira. I'm sure we'll see what happens to him after this fight, since considering he's quite popular the author Tite Kubo wouldn't just randomly forget him, right?


    Obviously the people who are watching this for the first time as shown in last week's talkback won't be spoiled by seeing the closing or ending credits because they don't know the context behind the images. Thus don't give them any context behind the images that spoil them about future events in the anime or manga. Remember we here at Toonzone try to be considerate about others who may be watching things for the first time, espiecally when it comes to anime that have episodes dubbed into English quite some time after people have already seen the japanese versions of them.

    Well with all that said remember to post here about what you think of the episode everyone. I know I will.
    Man now I"m up to 7,000+ posts. Hard to believe it took me 8 something years to get that many. How long will it take me to get another thousand? Guess you're going to have to keep reading what I have to say to find out.... I hope you've been doing that anyway as I feed off the attention.

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    Uh dude..you never even talked about this with me nor do I want to do another team up to be as nice as possible.^^;

    *sigh* It's like the pm system doesn't exist anymore. I went through the whole Amagai filler arc talkbacks, i think I can actually do some canon if you don't mind. Sorry if I sound rude but honestly it's like "OH HEY AMAGAI IS OVER NOW I CAN GO AND HI JACK". Ugh..i know you don't mean it in a rude way but next time at leastttttt pm me with the thought of asking if I even wanted to team up with you so it's not a awkward "Oh....you made the talkback I had formatted and set and it's even before the posting time..huh......"

    Not to mention we did that back in 2009, and it's 2011...yeah...that was a while ago and I'm fine doing it by myself sorry Mike? I'm not saying "I OWN DA BLEACH TALKBACKS" but I'm normally the guy who makes them and well..ah awkwardness..

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    The pink haired dude's new attack was just sick in the manga, I wonder if the anime will tone it down.
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    so first it's a convoluted tea party by a metrosexual former captain with a superman complex
    and now the nerrrrrrrrrd has a banquet....is anyone else disturbed with the wonderland theme here?
    Next thing you know some queen will go off with his head!!!
    *leers totally at the uberboob for that*

    And for the love of god 16:9 ratio viz please??? The anime looks so bad in 4:3

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    I have a quick question about the dub.

    How does the Adult Swim schedule work? Do they have a cutoff period where they will stop showing new episodes for several months?

    I was hoping to see the Turn Back the Pendulum arc by late April or May but I dunno if they're gonna stop after the current season is finished.

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    It is about to begin, does the plot progress at all in this episode, or just non stop fighting?

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    Previously on Bleach: A bunch of recap and the EsSpoony shows up to ruin Ichigo's rescue.

    BTW, can anyone explain the "Es" in "EsSpoony" to me?

    Quote Originally Posted by zoombie View Post
    It is about to begin, does the plot progress at all in this episode, or just non stop fighting?
    Bleach has a plot?

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    In the not too distant past,
    Late last Saturday Night.

    Ichigo Kurosaki
    Is stuck in another fight!

    Nnoitra confronted him
    Wanted to fight on a whim!

    The Spoon Head attacked without delay
    And his minion captured Orihime!


    "I take him in a battle
    Where he won't come out alive!"

    LA LA LA

    "I'm certain I will win
    Cuz I'm ranked no. five!"

    LA LA LA

    if you're wondering how they eat & breath
    and other science facts.

    Just repeat to yourself:
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    And here we go back to biz-nass. Will Nel kick this one off with her trademark screeching?

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    I'd nearly forgotten about the Vizards. Whatever happened to them?

    I'd nearly forgotten about Nel's friends. Why are they still here?

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